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Freeing Asian women from cultural trauma to achieve healthy relationships with money, themselves, and others

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Your Money Mindset Coach

Freeing Asian women from cultural trauma to achieve healthy relationships with money, themselves, and others.


About Me, The Holistic Chief Financial Officer

I’m a Money Mindset Coach who helps Asian women recreate their relationship with money and achieve financial freedom. Financial abundance doesn’t mean sacrificing your passions and life purpose. It also doesn’t mean you have to lose yourself or constantly chase money.

I created The Holistic CFO because there’s a gap between financial literacy and money mindset. Having been in accounting for over a decade, I found myself asking: “Why are we making more money? What’s the purpose of it?” As I started offering money coaching to clients, I realized in addition to the disconnect between financial literacy and money mindset, the Asian culture has a huge impact on women's relationship with money. 

I’ve seen a lot of toxic masculinity in the corporate world, and patriarchy is still prevalent in the accounting and finance industry. It’s no wonder women feel a lack of self-worth and self-esteem around money; women were (and still are) taught not to feel entitled to want more for ourselves. We’re also not exposed to enough financial literacy.

Through finding my soul’s purpose, I realized helping Asian women reestablish their relationship with money and owning their finances is part of my soul’s path, and that became the foundation of The Holistic CFO™: a balance between the intellectual (the IQ, the yang energy) and emotional (EQ, the yin energy).

 I’m here to support you on your journey in breaking through toxic indoctrinations, reprogramming your money mindset, and achieving financial independence. We do this through personal development tools and exercises, reprogramming for new habits, visualizing your new reality, and learning how to budget and invest.

As a CPA, CGA, and a certified professional coach with Reiki Master Teacher certification, I’ll facilitate mindset and energy exercises to heal your relationship with money so you can reach your full potential.

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Do cultural expectations, judgments, or pressure dictate how you feel about or spend money?

Do cultural customs or rules dictate your life or leave you feeling disempowered?

Do you believe your culture has created an imbalanced perspective of money?

Do you feel like you’re not living your life authentically because you’ve relied on the approval of your culture or its customs?

I work with Asian women who struggle with their relationship to money because of cultural indoctrination. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, cultural limitations can impact your self-worth, keep you trapped in a cycle of needing to achieve perfection, and have you feeling restricted in your life or that you’ve failed. You follow rules, but may not even see the value you provide for your family. You might feel like you hide yourself so no one notices you or you don’t cause any trouble.

But I know you desire freedom to create a different reality or life from the one you’ve been living or that’s been paved for you.  

Some ‌results my money mindset coaching clients have had from working with me:

  • Breaking multigenerational, toxic cycles of Asian cultural trauma and indoctrination
  • Generating sustainable wealth
  • Gaining financial independence and freedom to live life on their terms
  • A new sense of confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem
  • Feeling abundant and prosperous
  • A new reality and trajectory for their lives and how they view themselves 
  • Rebuilding a healthy relationship with self, family, and money

You’re going to love my holistic approach to managing your money with intention and shifting out of a scarcity mindset. Money isn’t just about the numbers, although you certainly need to understand them for things to fall into place. We’ll dive deep not only into financial literacy and your job, career, or business goals, but also address cultural limitations as they relate to money and wealth and work on your money mindset, which is critical to helping you get what you want.

By working with me as your money coach, you’ll learn:

  • To release the perspective that money controls you
  • How to avoid a hustle, achieve, and grab mentality that results in struggle and burnout 
  • Prosperity consciousness, which influences your overflow of wealth and channels
  • How to reach financial literacy and independence 
  • How to gain a sense of self-love, empathy, and compassion 
  • How to gain purpose, happiness and fulfillment no matter how much money you earn

We’ll also take the focus of your life away from money and work on reprogramming you for abundance, so you’re in a balanced state to create personal freedom.

Learn more about the ways you can work with me here.

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